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Sirens In Sanity
About SIS!
Saiedeh and Yasmine took their love for dancing and desire for their own business and created Sirens In Sanity in 1996. They performed for over 15 years together at various festivals and events including the exciting Rakkasah, Redwood Coast Bellydance Festival, Jewel of the Sierra Bellydance Contest, and the Belly Dance USA. Sirens In Sanity showcases continue to highlight lovely and talented belly dancers performing in a variety of styles, all of which will leave the audience wanting more! The creative and innovative choreography generates feelings of joy and sisterhood among the dancers. In late 2011, SIS separated and concentrated it's efforts to keep the dance alive and Yasmine is now sole propiertor of Sirens In Sanity. Saiedeh is sole director of Grateful Siren in Benicia. Zyphire is sole director of Sister Sirens in Benicia & Martinez. With troupe and belly dance classes all week long, and the great suppport from their families the dance continues to thrive. Check out our Facebook group page!

Yasmine started belly dance classes in January of 1996. With absolutely no prior dance training, Yasmine fell in love and began her intense study of Middle Eastern Dance. Yasmine has trained with many wonderful belly dance instructors over the years in the Bay Area and now in Butte County. Every single instructor has influenced her journey as an American Interpretive Belly Dancer, concentrating mostly on Cabaret Belly Dance. She has a charismatic, professional air about her and loves to share the gift of the dance. She is also very thankful to have a sisterhood of dancers who are dedicated to classes, performing and troupe dancing here in Butte County.
Yasmine holds her Multi-level bellydance classes at Beyond Fitness - Pentz location and Positive-I Yoga Studio in Paradise (see our class page for specific days and times).